Thank you for downloading Wave 400, the service that links you to your favorite programs by taking into cognizance your preferences.

Please note that we respect the privacy of all our users to the highest possible regards. We will not share any of the private data (email address and voice recording) we collect with any third party. We would make every effort to ensure that your information is kept private.

The reason we store your email address is for scaling purposes. As we expand, we hope to give you the seamless experience of enjoying our service on several devices.

Even though the Voice recording permission is required, it is a redundant feature as the application is not capable of recording yet. In the future however, we may add a recording feature of which you will be duly informed of.

The only information we share are your preferences to enable our third party partners to develop programs and improve the existing ones to ensure that your experience on radio is a memorable one.

BY INSTALLING, USING OR ACCESSING THE APPLICATION, YOU HEREBY ACCEPT THE POLICY WITHOUT QUALIFICATION. You have also explicitly accepted the Terms and Privacy Policy following your installation of the Application and launch of the Application for the first time. However, If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not use or access the Wave 400 application and delete it from the device.