How to Be An OAP (Parody)

We hear them everyday, they grace our ears every time. They are nobody but our OAPS (On-air Personalities). Have you ever considered being an OAP and enjoy lots of goodies on the side? Well here are 3 tips to make it a reality;

  • Get a Foreign Accent – This can never be overemphasized. The more tush your accent, the better your chances of rising through the ranks. It doesn’t matter if your accent is a poor mixture of British and Spanish or the number of months you’ve spent abroad can be counted on 1 finger. Speak like an Americanah or anything but Nigerian!



  • Become a Motivational Speaker. Copy quotes from all over the internet and say it intermittently so that we’d be awed or think you to be a philosopher. Especially indepth ones like these “Aspire to desire to inspire to acquire to require to reacquire to inquire and also esquire” . Rhyming is a must in this business.


  • Start a Side Hustle – Sell something; shoes, bags, makeup, chargers, belts or anything and use your social media platforms to push your market. If you can’t sell a product, sell a service; whether it’s a training, masterclass, or whatever. SELL

sell every3

BUT don’t get it twisted, we love our OAPS to the moon and back.

The Awesome OAPS You Probably Don’t Know About

There are certain OAPs that dont make the news. They do awesome jobs and despite being in the media are able to steer clear of controversies. In no particular order they are;

1. Fola Folayan –  4lah as she is popularly known. She is a broadcaster on Nigeria Info 99.3FM. A serial blogger and author, she is also passionate about music and God as can be seen from her posts and conversations. Don’t let those dimples fool you, she drops hard truth on her twitter handle @4lah that every musician can learn from.


2. Titi Oyinsan – Titi the Dynamite is a OAP who has a thing for books, African literature to be precise. She regularly hosts authors on her program “Tea Break with Titi” on 92.3FM Inspiration FM. She is the Network Founder of I am Dynamite; an NGO with a mission to support education for the girl. It has been able to garner the support of A-list celebrities. You should follow her on @titithedynamite to know her more


3. Kayode Ogunleke-  plies his trade with Wazobia FM 95.1FM. He is a voice over artist, a life and relationship coach, match maker and a communications expert. If you’re single or having issues in your relationship follow @kbabalovedoctorkbaba2
4. Iniabasi Itama – The beautiful Ini is a scriptwriter, novelist and poet. You can probably steal her heart with a mind blowing cake or not (lol). Ini bid farewell on the 12th of January from Smooth 98.1FM where she anchored The Kazbah, a midday program that enthralled listeners. Here is her farewell message. We wish her nothing but success as she takes up a new challenge. Follow @iniitama to know what next